Russian Models: Hot Russian Models

About beauty of Russian women knows the whole world and increasingly, representatives of the foreign model agencies go to Russia, hoping to find another star that shines in the firmament of fashion.

At most shows of famous designers present fashion models from Russia, which has more than one year can easily conquer the world’s catwalks, and their popularity is growing with each new season and new year. Here we present a list of hot Russian models:

Russian Models: Hot Russian Models, Tatiana SorokkoTatiana Sorokko

One of the first Russian model who became famous in the foreign country, historians have called her a pioneer of fashion modeling business, while the entrance to the world’s runways was closed for the Soviet model. Tatiana did not speak a foreign language, she is confused on the number of proposals, while she was not ready for a real fashion show, which demanded from her Paris fashion week. But Tatiana Sorokko did not give up, she worked very hard. She has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, has participated in shows of Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, etc. She has a long happy life on the stage lasted until the late 90s. After completing a career Tatiana studied the history of fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco and became a collector of antiques. Her exhibition of antique jewelry and dresses took place in April 2010 in Moscow.

Natalia Semanova

Most youngest winner of the prestigious competition “The Look of the Year”, after winning the competition 14-year-old she became a star. In 1999, Natalia Semanova became the face of Opium, and cemented her status as a supermodel through a contract with Giorgio Armani. She has appeared on the cover of Marie Claire and Vogue, has participated in shows of Lanvin and Givenchy. Her departure from the fashion business took place in 2001 after her marriage to Booker agency Elite.

Natalia Vodianova

Life of Natalia Vodianova is like a fairy tale “Cinderella.” Natalia grew up in Nizhny Novgorod and to adulthood her life was like in the lives of hundreds of other girls of this provincial town. At age 14, was forced to go to work – together with her mother she had to feed her family: two younger sisters, one of whom is disabled. She worked just like her mother – a sales person at the vegetable market. She worked from morning till night and no prospects, even remote, beautiful and carefree in the future. But miracle still happened, Natalia got a chance, which is given once in a lifetime, and is not for everyone – casting modeling agency and an invitation to work in Paris.
Natalia Vodianova is now ranked 7th in the list of the richest models in the world by Forbes, on account of its most lucrative contract in the history of Calvin Klein, but the family fortune with Prince.

Eugenia Volodina

In the world of fashion Eugenia Volodina called – “Amazon”. Eugenia Volodina said Steven Meisel famous photographer. Meisel photographed for the cover of Eugene Italian «Vogue» in 2002. He was passionate, and her appearance and her ability to work. With his light hand at Eugenia Volodina nickname stuck Zhenial Gene – Gene Genius. This survey for the «Vogue» Eugene became the first big success and it gave impetus to the subsequent careers. Now Eugenia Volodina – one of the richest and most famous models of her time. She has co: Escada, Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Victoria’s Secret.

Sasha Pivovarova

“Artist” – not a nickname, and calling one of the most popular models in the world – Sasha Pivovarova. Painting – this is her past (Sasha drew from her childhood and attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts), painting – it is now (Karl Lagerfeld embellished his collection of works of Paris – Moscow) and future. Through painting she made her a head start in the fashion world: the husband Pivovarova – artist and photographer Igor Vishnyakov, sent photos of Sasha’s modeling in agency IMG. She is weird, alien, though descended from the canvas beauty fascinated all (Gucci, Dior, Alexander McQueen). But it lasted longer than any enchanted Miuccia Prada – Pivovarova contract with Prada stretched out on an unprecedented six years. Who knows, maybe this time in the language of the frozen forms of both parties seemed to moment.

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly – a model of the 21st century, a new generation, which has replaced the golden generation of supermodels (Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer). One of those who can get all in a fairly short period of time Natasha Poly has made a career for just two years to date in its arsenal of every conceivable cover Vogue: Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American, French, Russian, Italian. Natasha Poly is very workable and enduring. Even the annoying failure (at Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2005, Poly lost a shoe, but calmly continued its march can not get it out of balance.

Anna Vyalitsyna

Career Anna Vyalitsynoy there was just a matter of weeks. After a month she participated in several shows during the week of pret-a-porter in Paris. Western critics have called Anya “Russian Princess” – she was very young, elegant and fragile. Her charming freckles and a beautiful smile was pleasant spontaneity. It is with equal ease and naturalness, and appeared in the booklets «Y’s», and on posters «Dolce & Gabbana», and in ad campaigns «Anna Molinari».

Anna Selezneva

Model Anna Selezneva record is not very big, but it counts a lot of shots and hits. She has participated in advertising campaigns Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Vera Wang. Went on a podium at the shows the best houses – Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. At first, Anna Selezneva is often compared to Kate Moss – because in some ways similar facial features, but now she is already seen as completely self-contained model, which does not need any comparisons – because she is beautiful and talented in herself, and more not as someone else’s copy.

Vlada Roslyakova

As a child, like many girls, Vlada did not plan to become a model, but by accidentally she trying to go audition and was invited to Japan. In Japan, Vlada Roslyakova became known throughout the all world. She charmed the world with her fabulous designer looks, but also an unusual gait.

Irina Kulikova

She was only 16 years old and she had to conquer the famous designers. Irina was chosen to open the show Prada Fall-Winter 2007/08 and later – for shooting an advertising campaign of the brand. Also among the achievements of Irina Kulikova – participated in the show Jil Sander and Pringle of Scotland.

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