The Most Beautiful Actress In Russia

In Russia lived an incredible amount of beautiful women. Today, your attention is the 10 most beautiful actresses on the results of a survey conducted in 2011.


10th place – Julia Snigir. Became known after participating in the filming of the music video for the song “See you” group “Zveri.” The fragile girl with huge blue eyes fell in love with millions of viewers and attracted the attention of many directors. Julia starred in the movies: “Inhabited Island”, “Gloss”.








9th place – Marina Aleksandrova. Marina has long time been included in lists of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in Russia. She acted in a huge number of films. Everything about her is perfect: the figure and facial features.









8th place – Natalia Rudova. Natalia became known for filming the television series “Tatyana’s Day,” where she played a negative character. Natalia almost always plays the role of bitchy and obnoxious women in movies, in fact in real life she is vey nice and kind person.









7th place – Miroslava Karpovich. She became known for filming the television series “Father’s Daughter,” where she played the role of teenager girl. Now Miroslava turned into a beautiful and gentle woman.









6th place – Svetlana Khodchenkova. She became famous after performing in the movie “Bless the Woman” for which was nominated for the award “Nika” and continued her career with the role of clairvoyant Cassandra in the historical TV series “Talisman of Love.”









5th place – Ekaterina Vilkova. The Russian theater and film actress, who has recently become very popular. Ekaterina is a candidate for Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics.










4th place – Christina Asmus. In 2010 took place on-screen debut for Christina Asmus. In very difficult audition and was approved for a major role in the comedy series “Interns.” Who would have thought that this tiny, seemingly ordinary girl who makes men so admire her.









3rd place – Ravshana Kurkova. The actress, who was born in Uzbekistan, submits her exotic appearance. To her smooth dark skin and brown eyes look languid just can not remain indifferent. Ravshana plays in films and music videos.









2nd place – Julia Zimina. She became famous after the shooting in the series “Carmelita,” she is not only an actress, but also TV host of “Good Morning” show.










1st place – Maria Kozhevnikova. There was a soloist with the popular female pop group “Love Stories” (founded in 2002), and then decided to start a career as an actress. Became famous for roles in TV series “Univer”, was impeccable leader in this ranking. And it is no surprise because of her incredible beauty and sexuality admire thousands of men.


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